Joanna Scutts

Joanna Scutts is a literary critic and cultural historian. Author of Hotbed: Bohemian New York and the Secret Club that Sparked Modern Feminism, and The Extra Woman: How Marjorie Hillis Led a Generation of Women to Live Alone and Like It (W.W. Norton, 2017). She has book reviews, profiles, and critical essays that have appeared in US and UK, publications including The New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Times Literary Supplement, Paris Review, Slate, and The New Yorker online, among many other venues. As a researcher and curator at the New-York Historical Society, Joanna has helped plan and launch a new Center for Women’s History in 2017. Originally from London, she holds a B.A. (Hons, First Class) in English from King’s College, Cambridge, an M.A. in Modern English Literature from Sussex University, and a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in New York, where she now lives with her husband and son.