Floating: Signed Bookplate Copies


We have teamed up with independent bookshop Kenilworth Books to bring you special, signed bookplate copies of Floating: A Return to Waterlog.

Author Joe Minihane became obsessed with outdoor swimming and the way it soothed his anxiety, developing a new-found passion by following the example of naturalist Roger Deakin in his own swimming memoir, Waterlog.

In his own book, Joe retraces Deakin’s steps, setting on an ambitious journey through the wild and unsettled waters of the UK – and his own mind.

Ten years on from the start of his adventures, Floating reminds us that reconnecting with nature can help our mental wellbeing, especially at a testing time with the COVID-19 pandemic.


You can buy signed bookplate copies of Floating from Kenilworth Books here.


There’s more! Hear Joe read his favourite excerpt from Floating: