Debra Barnes’ The Young Survivors inspires piano piece by composer Julian Marczak


Debra Barnes has had plenty of wonderful reviews for her Holocaust historical fiction debut, The Young Survivors, but one recent review has really been music to her ears…

Last week, composer Julian Marczak sent her the following message:


Dear Debra,

It is 1.45am and I have just finished reading your wonderful book, The Young Survivors. It is so beautifully written, gripping and says so much on behalf of the Jewish people. I am not Jewish myself, but have several close friends who are and your book has really touched my heart.

I am a composer and your outstanding story has inspired me to write a further piece for piano. I have played it to friends and they have said that the emotion behind the music is especially evident. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

With all good wishes,



If you’d like to have a listen of Julian’s beautiful piano piece, ‘When All is Done’, just click here.

When All is Done © Julian Marczak