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The exclusive, spoiler-free prequel to the upcoming novel The Young Survivors – bringing readers
a fascinating, heart-warming backstory and a first glimpse of the characters.

‘Tell us a story, Maman’, pleaded my younger brother Samuel.
‘Which story would you like today?’ asked Maman.

‘The one when you meet Papa!’ I said.
It’s bedtime for the three Laskowski children Pierre, Samuel and Claude. The year is 1937 and a war is on the horizon, but to them that seems far away. As they beg their mother for a bedtime story, Maman begins to tell them the story of their family – of a life left behind in Poland, a new life started in France and
a blossoming love

The Young Survivors

“A poignant and gripping debut…” – Alyson Richman

Five siblings struggle to stay together as the tides of war threaten to tear them apart. 

When Germany descends on France in the Second World War, the five Laskowski children lose everything: their home, their Jewish community and, most devastatingly, their parents who are abducted in the night. There is no safe place left for them but they cling together, never certain when the authorities will come for what is left of their family. 

Inspired by the poignant true story of the author's family, and uniquely narrated by three of the children, Debra Barnes' moving historical novel conveys the impossible choices the Laskowski children were forced to make to survive the horrors of the Holocaust.

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